Sisters of the Moon

A Ceremony of Remembrance

We are so excited to introduce you to our 6 week online Womb Connections, and Healing Course.

Sister Of The Moon.

In this course we will be exploring in depth many lost traditions and teachings related to wombanhood, our wombs, and our sacred cycles. These teachings focus on empowering women to honour themselves to their fullest capacity, and the prayer is that you will walk away doing the same. The foundation of this course is a return home to the ceremony that it is to be a woman. We will be tuning inward to learn through deep self-connection, and leaning into well spring of wisdom that is flowing within us each in every moment.

This container is a space to explore Sacred Moon teachings through the healing lineages of Ayurveda, Yoga, and New Age Western Wisdom, to assist you in the process of becoming your own medicine. Through the study of Ayurveda, you will learn the the beauty of what it is to be in balance with yourself through connecting to Pachamama (Mother Earth), and her great cycles and rhythms.

After integrating these teachings, we will explore some profound womb experiences that most women have, are, or will move through at some point in their journey as womben (this course is designed to support women at all stages of their womb journey).

We will explore our menarche stories (the way we integrated our transition into womanhood through the initiation of receiving our blood), to natural contraception, conscious conception, supporting fertility, miscarriage/early birth, and womb grief (this is anything from loss, physical dis-ease, or sexually related trauma). Together we will create a healing space to both express and feel held by sisters in sacred circle, as well as a space where teachings to support you in your journey will be shared.

These sharing circles have been added to this course to meet the need we see for harmony between the divine feminine and masculine energies. We feel the connective wounding, trauma, and pain that has been suppressed for far too long, and we feel called to rise to hold space for our sisters to release the pain, stories, and stagnant energies that have been dimming our fire, Our prayer is to witness, release, and heal together.

This journey is deep! & the prayer woven into these moments we will share together in this space are rooted within our hearts, our bones, and our wombs. We truly feel that the healing power infused into this container will not only change your life, but will impact your family, your relations, your community, and THE WOLRD!

Womb work, and healing is the most profound path we can walk as WOMBAN!

This Course Is Designed With Every Woman At Heart:

Maiden, Mother, & Crone:

This course has been created with ALL WOMEN in mind; the maiden, mother, and crone. As women, we are moving through sacred cycles both before and after the years we are bleeding. Although we have included specific teachings and ceremonies around our bleed, this course is dynamic and rich with information and opportunities for healing that will support women in any phase of life.

The Journey:

Through embracing the ancient wisdoms that live deep within our bones, this ceremony of remembrance will bring knowledge and practises into your life that have been carried forth through time by our foremothers.. As we come to see our ability to transform life experiences from the inside out, and reclaim the power that lives within our wombs, the changes that are effortlessly uncovered invite us into a deeply empowered state. As we women remember, balance is restored.

The Ayurvedic and Yogic teachings and traditions of India that we have woven in to compliment all other teachings with this program will assist you in understanding how you can best care for yourself and your personal, unique needs through learning to speak the language of the elements; air, water, fire, & ether. You will learn about your unique Dosha, or elemental makeup, which will be a reference point for what balance looks like, and means for you. In learning to read the subtle qualities and communications of your body, mind, and spirit, you will enter a space of self-knowing that will help you to cultivate an inner state of harmony and homeostasis. This is a space of deep self-exploration and self-discovery that you will walk away from feeling a deeper connection to your unique needs.

Through this lens... LIFE BECOMES A CEREMONY.

Educational Details:

  • Identify your Dosha (Your unique constitution).
  • We will be exploring each phase of our cycle (follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual) in depth, providing insight and information on what is taking place physically, hormonally, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually during each phase.
  • Yoga Asanas (postures): and the elements that drive each pose.
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques).
  • Food, Herbs, Diet, and Lifestyle to support balance.
  • We will take a look at female reproductive hormonal imbalances and methods to harmonize.
  • We will deconstruct self-limiting myths/beliefs.
  • We will explore our physical and spiritual anatomy.
  • We will learn about Chakras and their relationship to the endocrine system.
  • We will come to understand our hormonal transitions through each phase.
  • We will be exploring ceremony, ritual, and prayer and discovering how these sacred practises can be integrated into every moment of our lives to support cultivating a deeper inward connection.
  • We will explore how working with Goddess Archetypal energies can help facilitate deep self reflection and healing.
  • We will introduce a tantric self-pleasure practise to help you connect to and awaken your sacral chakra.
  • We will explore the energetic differences between bleeding with the white and dark moon.
  • We will work with the archetypes of the HolyTrinity: Maiden, Mother, & Crone.
  • We will explore the archetypes of the Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, and the Womb.
  • We will explore natural contraception techniques that arise form a deep connection to your womb, your body, & Mother Earth.
  • We will talk about conscious conception, holding space for women to speak, feel heard, and learn together how we can start to process of calling our children forward months or even years before we birth.
  • We will share our own deeply personal journeys of miscarriage/early birth, and what helped us move through these moments in healing and elevating ways. We will hold space for sharing, reflection & healing in group circle.
  • We will explore a Menarche Story Rewriting ceremony. A self-reflection and reframing journey brought to life in a circle of sharing and reclaiming our womb story and sacred relationship to our cycles.
  • Finally we will hold a circle rooted in releasing and healing womb grief. This is a space to assist you in processing and clearing any pain that might be present for you in your womb space. This will be an intimate space of sacred sisterhood, rooted in support, sharing, and listening. We will also share some tools & teachings that will help you transmute what is no longer serving.

Course Details:

  • This is a 6 week online program.
  • We will gather for two live zoom calls. One call will be rooted in sharing teachings, and the other will be a sacred sharing circle.
  • Calls will be 1 hour to 1.5 hours in length.
  • All calls will be recorded to be watched or rewatched. As well additional support will be available to ensure integration for live calls missed.
  • You will be provided with PDF documents each week with all information related to that weeks teachings.
  • Each week you will be provided with homework assignments, and journalling prompts to help you integrate the information as best as possible.
  • You will have access to our ever growing private FB Group. Where you will find support both during and after the course as you integrate the teachings. It is also a space where you will connect with sisters from both past and upcoming offerings of Sisters of the Moon. We are super excited to be creating this community of supportive women all dedicated to their womb healing.


  • You will be provided with recipes for each phase.
  • Herbal Medicine for self-care.
  • Recommended Flowers, Crystals, Oils etc…
  • Poetry.
  • Medicine Music.
  • Connection with sisters from around the world.
  • And much more ;)

Pricing & Payment Plans.

The energy exchange for this program is $777can.

We are happy to offer a payment plan option that stretches over 4 months to support every woman in being able to join us. This payment plan is four payments of $222can. over 4 months.

Deep gratitude for your interest in this sacred ceremony Sister!

We currently have spaces open for our MARCH 21st, 2022 offering of Sisters of the Moon.

Much Love!

Sam & Lindsay

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